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Visual Music Carnival Press Con + After Party

Visual Music Carnival From the organizers of MATA Expo Philippines comes again another unusual charity event, the first ever in the Philippines, Visual Music Carnival, happening on May 12 2012 at the Amoranto Stadium, Quezon City. It will feature some of the finest local rock music artists from different genres like WILABALIW, VALLEY OF CHROME, SAYDIE, HIJO, TYPECAST, THE CHONGKEYS and many more. Plus free carnival rides, skates, battle of the bands, and cosplay competition. VMC is created to raise funds for the installation of free Video Relay Service (VRS) by Chairman George Taylor of Telecommunications Service for the Deaf for people like him who are deaf and mute as he personally understands the difficulties of being one. Having been able to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering in De La Salle University, he wants to defy the odds of being deaf not just for himself but for the others as well. Sharing the same goal with George Taylor is Bagong Henerasyon Party List headed by Congresswoman Bernadette Herrera-Dy as they are trying to campaign to pass and authored the House of Bill No. 5670, which is entitled “AN ACT CREATING THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS. RELAY SYSTEM FOR PERSONS WITH. HEARING DISABILITIES AND PERSONS WITH SPEECH DISABILITIES AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES.” Through this mandate, the government will be required to provide full support for the development and implementation of the VRS system just like in other foreign countries. The VRS is a tool that is especially designed for the hearing impaired to be able to communicate through teleconference sign language interpretation. The VRS will then be distributed to various institutions in Metro Manila where they specialize in accommodating the needs of deaf people like schools. With the help of her sister Kathy Taylor, they decided to create events in which they can bring both the hearing and deaf community in one venue to be able to promote social awareness and educate both communities that the deaf and hearing people can live harmoniously together without discrimination. Kathy is a vocalist of the band Saydie, having connections with the musicians, artist and many various people with huge connections, she envisions that one day through the help of VRS, the hearing community would much more understand and interact with the deaf people. She then encouraged fellow music artists to join her. Despite the fact, that maybe majority of the audiences that will attend in the event are deaf people, most of our musician friends are very much eager to help the cause. As we all know in the pop culture both music, skateboarding and cosplay play a big influence in the society. Come to the very first VISUAL MUSIC CARNIVAL! And you will not just rocking out! You will rock out with kindness!